Front Office for softball Teams

tom GRAHAM: I’m going to talk now about some people that you don’t see very often and a lot people have no idea they exist. They’re the leading office personnel. These are the guys that include the general manager, The associate GM, The marketing PR people, The media contact people, The people who make things happen in the game of baseball that you don’t necessarily see on the field. needs so that guys that book the travel. They’re the guys that figure out the schedule, Determine who’s gonna be going where on what airline, What kind of meals they may eat, And where the team will certainly stay. these guys are very, important, especially on the collegiate level and the Major League level, because teams depend on these guys greatly. you would possibly put scouts in there as well, But we’ll cover them along with the gm in a later segment. Their requirement is talent evaluation, Talent executive, But all of the things that you might see on a day to day basis but are very, Very crucial to the success of a baseball team. That’s the duty of the front office.

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